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Upcoming Events:


5.20  Mid-day Worship @ 11 am

5.20  Student Worship @ 6:30 pm

5.20  Livewires Bible Study @ 6:30 pm

5.20  Childrens Activities @ 6:30 pm

5.20  Bible Study on Philippians by Dale Maddy @ 6:30 pm

5.20  Biblical Cents (Class on Biblical Finances) @ 6:30 pm


5.21  All Purpose Weight Loss @ 5:30 pm

5.21  Dominoes @ 6 pm

5.21  Saraland High School Graduation @ 7 pm


5.22  Pastor Robert and Heather on Power 88 @ 12 - 3 pm


5.23  Pastor's Prayer Support Time @ 8 pm


5.24  Sunday Morning Bible Study @ 9 am

5.24  Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 10:15 am

5.24  Children's Choir Practice @ 4:30 pm

5.24  Parent Support Group @ 5 pm

5.24  Sunday Evening Worship @ 5 pm

5.24  Student Bible Study @ 5 pm

5.24  Church Wide Homemade Ice Cream Fellowship @ 5:45 pm


5.25  Memorial Day (Church Offices Closed)


5.26  Royal Ambassadors for boys @ 6:30 pm

5.26  American Patriot Girls @ 6:30 pm


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Christian News and Shiloh Updates:


4.07  Shiloh Member Ashleigh Long featured on with St. Jude after battling 3 brain tumors.


3.28  Great turnout for special needs day for special needs families.  Over 50 special needs kids present.  Thank you to all who were buddies and helped to make the day successful.


3.12  Personnel Committee votes to bring Mr. Chris Lovely on permanent as worship minister.


3.08  Shiloh has special worship service and gives away 300 bags of groceries.  Special thanks to Saraland Produce for their help in making the grocery give away possible.  People attending were able to take bags of groceries home for themselves and to give away to neighbors and friends simply because we wanted them to know God cares and loves them.


2.26  IMB President David Platt proposed streamlining the mission agency’s strategy and structure — in keeping with his desire for IMB to exalt Christ and work more effectively toward accomplishing the Great Commission


2.08  Pastor Robert discusses what the Bible says about sexuality in response to the recognition of same sex marriages in Alabama in Sunday morning sermon.


02.01  Alabama Baptist Executor writes:  How would Jesus respond to the issue of the gay marriage debate. written in the Baptist Press


01.08  North Korea is named most dangerous country for Christians to live.  Click here to see article from Baptist Press and see top countries where persecution of Christians are active.


Recent Podcasts:


04.19.2015  Unshakeables.  Have you ever wondered why some people can seem to not just survive, but thrive when facing the pressures of life.  Listen to this secret that Job had that can help you through some of the darkest days.


04.05.2015  Resurrection Sunday (includes the choir musical on grace and Pastor Robert's sermon on "Let me introduce to this Jesus" (message begins around 37 minutes)


03.29.2015  The Testimony of Peter.  In this podcast, Pastor Robert gives a first person viewpoint of the crucifixion from the view of Peter the disciple.


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